How to Pull Your Look Together: It’s All in the Details!

Whether dressing for work, a day out with your girlfriends or a romantic dinner-date downtown, I find an outfit isn’t quite complete without the finishing touches. Accessorizing is the best way to transform an outfit and show off your own unique style, and you don’t have to have access to Vogue’s sample closet either! In fact, some of my all-time favorite outfits have been created with just a few fantastic pieces.

2013 10 07 Ashley Blog Pic 2

Start with a pair of beautifully tailored pants or great fitting jeans and a clean, simple top…the crew neck cashmere tunic shown to the left, creates the perfect canvas for jewelry and scarves. Keep your outfit simple, classic and comfortable, then jazz it up using some of your favorite pieces! Add a statement necklace, or layer long, delicate chains together to create a statement of your own. Try stacking some chunky bracelets together and add a scarf…a beautiful, printed scarf, like the one shown on the right…to really pull your look together.2013-10-07-Ashley-Blog-Pic-4

Be sure to maintain a balance though, it can be easy to over-do it. I like to balance a stack of bracelets on one arm with a single ring on the opposite hand…or, if you’re wearing great earrings, you probably don’t need a necklace. I usually layer pieces on, then edit before walking out the door. In most cases, less is more. Now go ahead and try it for yourself!               by Ashley at Isle of Skye Cashmere



Isle of Skye Cashmere
7801 Laurel Ave
Madeira OH 45243

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