Je suis revenue de Paris….

Paris Place DauphineI am just back from a great trip – 2 days in New York and 7 days in Paris. My time in Paris ended in the same place it began – Place Dauphine. Place Dauphine is a small public square on the western end of Isle de la Cite. It was named after “Le Dauphin” (crown prince) Louis XIII, son of Henry IV, and was built in 1609.As you can see in the picture on the left, even when the rest of Paris is bustling with tourists, Place Dauphine is quiet and charming. With cobblestone walks and outdoor cafes surrounding a lovely park with trees and benches, its a perfect place to become re-acquainted with Paris.

I always start my visits to Paris with a glass of Chablis at le Bar du Caveau in Place Dauphine. Tourists hardly ever come into this tiny restaurant with 6 crowded tables – the waitress does not speak English and there is no English menu.  It’s not my favorite restaurant in Paris, but Le Bar du Caveau  is my favorite place to re-immerse myself in the sights and sounds of Paris with a glass of one of the great white wines from Burgundy.

And I always end my visits to Paris with a walk through the Place Dauphine at dusk,  just to create one last memory for myself of what a beautiful and enchanting city this is. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a few of the special things I discovered in Paris during this trip.

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