Fatto a Mano in Firenze: The Structured Day Bag

I have been reading in Vogue and Elle that the structured handbag is back in style…in bright colors for spring, and in neutral basics for the fall. Well, in my mind, it never went out of style in the first place.  A great style blog we follow, OnQueStyle offers these comments:

One of the biggest handbag trends for this season is the structured handbag… Structured bags are sophisticated for any work wardrobe and can add class to a casual look, as well. The latest must-have handbags are miracles of efficiency (carries my iPhone and iPad), making the most of their smaller outlines with thoughtful design details and practical, structured frames. This is a far cry from the slouchy, uncooperative bags we’ve become used to, a framed bag makes it easy to keep all our necessities only a hand lengths away instead of placing my entire arm to the bottom of my handbag just to find my ringing cell phone.

When I was in Firenze this past spring, I found a wonderful pelletterie (leather factory) that handmakes beautiful leather structured bags. These artisans make over 100 types of bags, but my favorites are the ones inspired by classic, timeless styles. Here is a picture of one from our store stock, but you can order this bag or any other style they make in a selection of over 20 colors…think orange, red, yellow, green or your personal favorite. If you want the perfect personalized statement bag,  please stop by and check them out.

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