Its been a while since we’ve talked…

Cashmere PrincessI haven’t updated our blog in a while, and there is a lot going at Isle of Skye Cashmere to get ready for the fall. As usual, the Isle of Skye Cashmere store in Cincinnati has been closed during July and August. We’re getting ready to open up again for the season next Wednesday, September 1.  We will be open on Wednesday through Saturday, with store hours from 10am to 5pm.

You know from our website that we specialize in great cashmere sweaters from Scotland. But if you haven’t been to our store, then you don’t know about the other great clothes we have. Rita has built Isle of Skye Cashmere around her own ideas about style; I’ll be writing more about what I’ve learned from her in future blog posts. But, in the meantime, I thought I would share this quote from noted French fashion designer Roland Mouret. It summarizes perfectly the Parisian sensibility about fashion that is at the core of Isle of Skye Cashmere:

When putting a wardrobe together, if your budget is limited, the most important thing is having the discipline to invest in one or two beautiful pieces and mixing these with classic pieces like the cashmere sweater, the great jean, the perfect crisp white shirt. Plan your long term wardrobe. Only buy pieces that you can’t live without; don’t be tempted by disposable trends.

If you want to learn more about our point of view regarding style, then watch this blog. I’ll be updating it regularly over the next few months.

Cashmere Princess
Fashion Intern at Isle of Skye Cashmere

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